Material Analysis Of The Cost To Replace Gutters

Gutters are essential for a home because they draw water away from it, preventing erosion, rotting and moldy roofs and attics, and leaky basements. Gutters will wear down over time and ultimately need to be replaced. An important factor that affects the cost to replace gutters is the materials that make up the gutters. Here’s a breakdown of gutter replacement costs based on rain gutters and downspouts cleaning.

The most expensive gutters are copper gutters, with costs ranging from $40 to $100 per piece. While copper gutters function just as well as any other kind of gutter, most people really get them because of how good they look. The value of copper drives the price, and sometimes these gutters are a target for thieves who want to cash in on some easy metal. If you can afford to pay for beautiful copper gutters, then do so, but remember that copper gutters are prone to color changing as time passes.

Steel gutters aren’t the cheapest gutters you can find, but they’re still less expensive than copper gutters, with costs in the $11 to $33 range. These gutters are perfect for bad weather because of their strength and weight, giving them a longer life. Their effectiveness in moving water is the same as other gutters. Buying steel gutters will ensure that the next replacement or repair won’t need to happen for quite a while, as long as the house lasts.

Aluminum gutters are the second cheapest gutter type, with a cost range of $6 to $12. Aside from being cheap, they also have the advantage of being easy to install because of how lightweight they are. Being lightweight also counts as a disadvantage, because aluminum gutters take more damage and often need replacement or repair quicker than a stronger metal like steel. Still, they’re a pretty good deal, especially in areas where the weather isn’t so harsh.

Vinyl gutters have a price range of $4 to $8, making them the cheapest. These gutters don’t have a lot of durability or longevity, but they are decent in low-stress weather environments without much temperature change. Replacements will happen sooner, but given how much they cost, owners may not mind.

Material composition matters when it comes to the cost to replace gutters. Choose a gutter that is within your budget and strength requirements.

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